All Things Impossible
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Crown of the Realm, All Things Impossible

(A Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy Adventure)

Not the world you know...A banished evil returns. The elven king and queen murdered. The crown of the realm stolen, and the elven lands aflame. But Derora Saxen can’t see the smoke when she sets out from her isolatedvillage with her best friend and blacksmith, Kelin. All she knows is that she dreams of being the warrior whose plan saves the day. And, in helping a stranger on the run, this war engulfs her and Kelin both before she’s had any training. Facing ancient evils, arrogant elves, a desperate prince, a sarcastic knight mentor, and a devil who recognizes her from before she was born, she tries to think of a way to save what’s left of the elven nation.

She puts everything on the line for a kingdom that isn’t even hers...but she has a destiny to conquer. In the fires of war, a new hero will be forged.

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