ATI Fantasy Novels

When there’s no hope.

When it’s already too late.

That’s when the adventure begins.

Welcome to ATI. Currently, the novels are being professionally edited. I will publish them ASAP with all new covers!

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Crown of the Realm (All Things Impossible #1)

“I totally loved the whole story. The characters are very likable, the story itself is quite easy and fast to read (which I love very much), the description of the settings is very nice. This is a highly recommended novel (series) for all fantasy fans.” -Diana, Sep. 2016

“Five Stars on Crown of the Realm. I have really enjoyed reading this first series of the book and I must say this is an excellent read. “Crown of the Realm” is a wonderful adventure and entertaining novel by D. Dalton. I loved how the author developed all the characters and storyline. This book is beautifully written and nicely elaborated about the subject. I would recommend this book to anyone out there who would like to read a wonderful adventure novel than this is the one should pick. I will look forward to the next book of the series from D. Dalton.” -Jack, April 2015

The All Things Impossible Series

“You have such a captivating way with weaving a story, Deborah. You are awesome. Once I start reading your stuff, I can’t stop. You are addictive, do you know that? You have magic, I’m sure.” -Panther, July 2016

“The All Things Impossible books make you laugh out loud. Der’s antics and simplistically impossible attitudes are wonderful and the characters are all so full and you end up feeling like good friends have moved away when the books end. Cannot wait for more!” -Ronna, Dec 2016